What is the ODYSSEAS project

The scope of the Intelligent and Automated Systems for enabling the Design, Simulation and Development of Integrated Processes and Products - "ODYSSEAS” project is the implementation of a contemporary digital infrastructure for intelligent and automated production for the partners of the CERTH, aiming to utilize effectively the existing technical know-how and the available infrastructures, while integrating innovative technologies for product digitalization, production and management. In fact, the infrastructure to be developed is expected to oprerate as an intelligent ecosystem for optimal design and development of integrated products and automated manufacturing processes, in order to ensure a regular transition of the research and production activities of the CERTH’s collaborating Institutes into the modern technological framework of the “Factory of the Future”. In this context, the following will be examined and implemented, on behalf of the proposed project ODYSSEAS:

  • modeling, management and utilization of information with regard to the design and production of innovative products and processes.
  • infrastructures for intelligent three-dimensional printing by developing an integrated laboratory for rapid design and development of prototypes and sensors.
  • infrastructures for three-dimensional geometric reconstruction and object imaging of high-quality via the development of a laboratory for digital manufacturing and management of the product life circle with regard to the transportation field.
  • infrastructures of electrification and automated driving.
  • infrastructures for rapid design & development of ex vivo microenvironments and biomolecule analysis.
  • platforms for data collection, data analysis and optimization of 3D printing procedure.
  • unified knowledge platforms for data analysis and decision-making by utilizing artificial intelligence methods.

The pillars above have as fundamental objective the development of substantial synergy and cooperation among the partners of the CERTH, in order to endure the implementation of effective supplementary actions that will amplify the already proven excellence of the Institutes.